Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus

A Journey to Divine Fortunes

Discover the immersive fantasy world of Greek gods and jaw-dropping adventure as you enter the fabled world of classic heroes in Gates of Olympus slots.

Mythical World

Introducing the Gates of Olympus Slot Game: An Epic Adventure Awaits

Are you prepared to enter a world of mythical beasts and legendary Greek gods, who captivate players with exhilarating gameplay and unbelievable stories drawn from history? The Gates of Olympus is an interactive online slot game filled with stories of love, heroes, and incredible symbols that rival the best video games.

CryptoRush is the premier destination for immersive games like the Gates of Olympus, where you can explore the world of Greek antiquity as your favorite hero--slaying monsters and setting out on epic adventures while testing your luck in a game of chance.

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Amazing Tale

Discover the Mythical World

Brought to you by Pragmatic Play, one of the world’s leading online casino software makers, this amazing tale of adventure and tragedy will stun you with its epic gameplay and eye-catching visuals led by Zeus--the legendary sky and thunder god of Greek mythology that reigns from Mount Olympus.

Gates of Olympus also features an incredible soundtrack and video game-worthy graphics that will quickly draw you into the divine landscape. The game allows you to collect historical symbols and pursue heroic quests that will immerse you in this exciting historical world full of adventure and edge-of-your-seat excitement.

Generous Multipliers

Unleash Divine Features

Mingle with divine beings and historical gods with the Gates of Olympus. This incredible game features exclusive gameplay and story elements, unlike any slot game you’ve ever played. In this one-of-a-kind experience, you can play through a story of epic proportions while you collect special symbols that offer unique abilities, increasing your payout along the way and helping you unlock the unrivaled fortunes of Mount Olympus.

Players love the game’s world-building, including the ability to build temples to the gods and defeat legendary beats through feats of courage and strength.

Gates of Olympus comes with generous multipliers that provide a maximum win of 5000x. Plus, you can unlock lucrative features like Ante Bet, Buy Free Spins, and the Scatter symbol. The dynamic free spins feature gives players 5 free spins when 3 or more Scatters appear and 15 free spins when you land 4 or more golden sun symbols.

Gates of Olympus comes with generous multipliers that provide a maximum win of 5000x. Plus, you can unlock lucrative features like Ante Bet, Buy Free Spins, and the Scatter symbol. The dynamic free spins feature gives players 5 free spins when 3 or more Scatters appear and 15 free spins when you land 4 or more golden sun symbols.


6 x100

5 x5

4 x3

12+ x25

10+ x25

8+ x10

12+ x25

10+ x10

8+ x2.5

12+ x15

10+ x5

8+ x2

12+ x12

10+ x2

8+ x1.5

12+ x10

10+ x1.5

8+ x1

12+ x8

10+ x1.2

8+ x0.8

12+ x5

10+ x1

8+ x0.5

12+ x4

10+ x0.9

8+ x0.4

12+ x2

10+ x0.75

8+ x0.25

Array of Bonuses

Ascend to Unrivaled Rewards

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Complete Anonymity

Experience the Power of Cryptocurrency

Crypto slots are a revolutionary new approach to online casinos, allowing users to play their favorite games with complete anonymity and flexible spending options. You no longer need to rely on your bank’s permission or a major credit card to start gambling.

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Create your account at CryptoRush to get started and experience the thrill of our immersive slot games like Gates of Olympus. Our user-friendly registration helps you create a full account in minutes, without handing over any identifying personal information.

This allows you to quickly start your first adventure, confident that your data is secure and you have quick access to your winnings on-demand.

Within minutes, you’ll fully immerse yourself in the interactive world of Greek deities and famous heroes. Choose your own adventure and see if you have what it takes to capture Zeus’ fortune and claim your spot on Mount Olympus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions about CryptoRush Crypto Casino. If you cannot find the answer your looking for then feel free to Contact Us.

While traditional slot games are straightforward and only ask that you press a button or pull a lever to play, Gates of Olympus is an immersive, story-driven game that draws you into the world of Ancient Greece. You can explore the adventure-filled world of historic Athens, mingle with ancient heroes, and go on mythical quests to uncover hidden treasures guarded by the powerful gods of Mount Olympus.

No! Gates of Olympus is a user-friendly game that allows you to fulfill your wildest dreams as an ancient explorer in minutes, without any prior slot or gambling knowledge. To get started, simply create an account and link your crypto wallet. 

Depositing money is a breeze with CryptoRush. Just create an account and transfer funds from your preferred crypto wallet, using any number of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Withdrawing your funds is equally simple. Click the cash-out button to immediately transfer your winnings to your bank account.

All of CryptoRush’s games have been vetted for fairness and malicious code. Each of our games has been approved by a third-party agency to ensure that you have a fair chance of winning and that the mechanics of the game can never be harmed.

Yes, you can play any of CryptoRush’s games on your favorite tablet or smartphone. Simply download our app or visit our website to get access to the same interactive online gambling experience you’re used to on your computer. 


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