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Roulette is an exciting game of luck and chance. You can test your luck against the odds and avoid the in-depth strategies required by other popular casino games like blackjack and poker when you play at our roulette online casino.

Exciting Online Gaming

Join Live Action Online Casino with Roulette at CryptoRush

Live dealer roulette is a live version of the online roulette casino game. Our platform allows you to play with other people across the world and interact with your live dealer, giving you the same experience as a traditional casino without the hassle.

You can play your favorite online roulette casino game without sacrificing security or anonymity. The only information we collect is your email address.

This ensures complete data privacy since you’ll never be asked to provide your name, physical address, or any other personal details.

Getting started on CryptoRush is a breeze. Create an account by entering your email address and a password. Once you link your crypto wallet you can transfer funds and start playing in a few short minutes.

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Online Roulette Casino: An Exciting Combination of Skill and Chance

This exciting game of chance pits you against up to seven other players across the world, giving you the same immersive experience as a casino without the drive. Join CryptoRush today to see why crypto blackjack is the most exciting way to experience live online gambling, no matter where you are.

The Basics

Understanding the Rules of Live Roulette

Roulette is a simple game of chance that appeals to first-time players and experienced gamblers alike. Choose to place your bet on a single number, red or black colors, odd or even numbers, and more.

Proven Strategy

Popular Roulette Variations

European, French, and American roulette are the most popular versions at CryptoRush. The European variant is far and away the most popular version and the game we recommend for beginners--and it features a 37-number wheel with a green 0 and alternating red and black numbers.

Venture Out

Get Started by Placing Your First Bet

Getting started with any variety of roulette is easy. Simply place a bet on red or black, choose a specific number, or choose odd or even numbers. Once you’ve gotten a hang of the game, you can venture out to even more exciting betting strategies.

Increase Your Odds

Choose the Best Betting System for Success

In crypto blackjack, you have the chance to hedge your bets and increase your odds of breaking even by making an “insurance” side bet. When the dealer’s up card is an Ace, you can bet that they’ll hit a 10 next. That way, if the dealer wins you still win too.

The Crypto Advantage

Cryptocurrency is Transforming the Online Gaming World

We built the world’s most advanced roulette online casino. You can bet on your favorite casino game with complete anonymity and transparency using Bitcoin or your favorite crypto coin. Experience the rush of online gambling without compromising security or fair play.

We Accept Most Major Cryptocurrencies

Create an account and transfer funds into your CryptoRush wallet using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Just link your crypto wallet and you can transfer funds in minutes.

Safe and Fair Play--Guaranteed

Fair play and transparency is not just a motto at CryptoRush. We’ve built it into every aspect of our roulette online casino. We carefully monitor players and transactions for fair play, guaranteeing that you have a fair shot at winning every time you spin the wheel.

Transparency Backed by the Blockchain

Unlike other online casinos with unclear rules and a lack of clarity, we prioritize full transparency across the board. We use blockchain technology to keep a public record of every win and transaction. This gives you full transparency and the option to verify all of your winnings.

Join Now to Receive a Limited Signup Bonus

We give first-time users an exclusive sign-up bonus whenever they register. Novice users also get the chance to try CrypoRush for free by using our Free Demo Play option. Create an account today with nothing more than your email address to secure your sign-up bonus and test your luck.

We Reward Our Loyal Players

We love our loyal players and reward them by offering free bonuses, exclusive multipliers, and free plays regularly. Increase your odds of a big payout and reap the benefits of your loyalty by regularly checking for bonuses on the home page.

Get in the Game!

Test your luck against the odds and avoid the in-depth strategies required by other popular casino games like blackjack and poker when you play at our roulette online casino. Quickly familiarize yourself with the rules and you’ll start playing like an expert in minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions about Live Dealer Roulette on CryptoRush Crypto Casino. If you cannot find the answer your looking for then feel free to Contact Us.

We value our players and work hard to demonstrate our appreciation for your loyalty. That’s why we offer sign-up bonuses for all of our first-time members and the chance to play your first games for free using our Free Demo Play feature. Consistent players also get loyalty bonuses, which can take the form of free plays, win multipliers, and other cool incentives.

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly changing the world of roulette online casinos. Before crypto gaming grew in popularity, players had to trust their casino to do right by them. There was zero transparency or a way to ensure that casino odds were not manipulated.

However, crypto casinos revolutionized the playing experience. Now, players can verify their winnings using publicly available blockchain ledgers. These record every transaction and guarantee fair play.

Getting started with CryptoRush is easy. Create an account by entering your email address and a password. Next, you’ll be asked to link your crypto wallet. You can complete the process and start playing your first roulette online casino game in minutes. All of this comes without compromising your personal information or going through a lengthy verification process.

We are committed to data privacy and information security. We never ask you to share personal or identifying information. You can create an account with just your email address and by linking your crypto wallet. Since we never collect your personal information, you’ll never have to worry about a data breach.


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